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Playtrk.com a blockchain gaming platform with the perfect economy, adapted with systems for buying and selling items produced by real players.
All our games need to use the $PlayTRK token. At this moment we have 3 games ready for users to play, farming mode, poker, crash. In our whitepaper you can read every detail of all games.
Our first and main game is the truck game called farming game. Users can buy a truck and a company to make trips for companies. Earning rewards in the form $PlayTRK. You can learn details of this game here.
In our ecosystem, we have built a governance currency called wPoints. Players need to accumulate wPoints to purchase in-game items, at the same time, wPoints are needed to make withdrawals to wallet player with less fees.
  • Admins NEVER DM you first.
  • Admins NEVER ASK for your seed phrases.
  • Admins NEVER OFFER to click any unknown links.

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