🏢 The Companies

Description of all Companies in the TruckCompany Game.

The price to open a company box in $PlayTRK is TBA tokens

This Company was founded by a traditional family in the late 1980s. It specializes in wood transport and tires. It provides a contract for 1 Truck Slot to carry out the transports. (100% Bonus Farm)
This is a transport franchise already consolidated in the market. Its niche is intended for transporting dry and wet food. It provides 2 Truck Slots to carry out the work. (120% Bonus Farm)
This is the third largest company in the TruckCompany metaverse, it is focused on transporting fuels that supply the city. It has 3 Truck Slots to work. (150% Bonus Farm)
Company that hires only the best truck drivers in the region to take its special loads, such as beverages, electronics and pharmaceuticals. All loads are escorted by hired security. It provides 4 Truck Slots for drivers to carry out the freight. (170% Bonus Farm)
The company most desired by all truck drivers, it only carries items of very high value. It carries out transports of: gold, nano chips, airplane spare parts, technological invention products and valuable minerals. It provides 5 Truck Slots for drivers to carry out transport. (200% Bonus Farm)