🚛 Trucks Description

The price to open a box in $PlayTRK is TBA tokens.

This is the first truck version within the TruckCompany project, it’s a model with a single cabin, less power and powered by diesel. Widely used for closer services with lighter loads. Its profitability is the lowest among the others available.
It is a model that has similar characteristics to the comfort one. It is a Truck that has a higher bed cabin with comfortable accommodation, a larger fuel tank, and uses diesel to get around.
This Shift Truck is based on an automatic gearbox with its compact design of high efficiency and uses diesel for its operation. Provides the user with extra comfort when driving on longer journeys.
In this version, the Electric model, in addition to not emitting polluting gases, has a low noise level and allows the driver to have greater comfort in the cabin, since electric motors do not vibrate or emit heat when working, as the diesel engine does. It has the advantage that transportation costs are cheaper, as it needs cargo and not fuel. Its aesthetic creates a new trend for Trucks.
The most desired version by all, it is a highly technological Truck that does not need direct action from human beings. It can be fully programmed to complete your trips safely and quickly. Its design is futuristic and unique.